We have captured nature’s life force in our products… Aromatherapy is at the heart of NAT. product development. Nature provides us with potent properties from flowers, herbs and plants that heal and nurture, so we have taken the goodness from these active botanical essences and fused it with advanced technology to produce natural products that work effectively within the skin and body.
The NAT. range use only pure plant essences that work in harmony with the body for cell support, skin re-generation, wrinkle defence and boost nourishment to the skin.
We have opening packages for both face and body products to suit your needs. We also offer comprehensive training courses throughout the year to meet individual needs.
If you would like information on a NAT. stockist near you, please contact 0800 88 34 34 or email sales@celtine.com

If you would like to become a stockist, please fill in the form on "Become a Stockist" web page and a customer services representative will be in touch with you.