The Institut’ DERMed name symbolizes innovation and education on skin medicines which promise skin perfecting results. Institut DERMed was first established in 1989 by Master Esthetician Lyn Ross. It has now developed to include a MediClinical Spa based in Atlanta, a cosmeceutical product line and the Institut' DERMed College of Advanced Aesthetics, also headquartered in Atlanta.

The Institut' DERMed cosmeceutical product line, was first launched in 1994 and is recommended by licensed and certified skin care specialists exclusively at the Institut' DERMed Med Spa in Atlanta and is available through select spa partners worldwide. The primary vision of the company is to offer the finest cosmeceutical product formulation and educate clients on how to use them.

Institut DERMed products are formulated using Chiral technology, an advanced process that isolates molecules to better fit skin cell receptor sites for increased product penetration and effectiveness. This has led to the creation of quality, natural corrective formulations for the treatment of photo-aging (fine lines and wrinkles as a result of sun exposure), hyper-pigmentation (brown spots), acne (black-heads, pimples, pustules) and sensitive skin (rosacea). The results show immediate, visable improvements in your skins condition giving you more confidence in your appearance.

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